20 October 2007

Courage, she muttered ...

I have started sort of assembling the Friendly Dragon in order to see what's what. This is the dragon on its background. It seems much darker in the photo than in real life.

So far, I'm pleased with the results ... or rather, I was until I realised that I had apparently forgotten some of the creature's dots.

I'll finish those tonight. Then the plan is to steam-iron every part to within an inch of its life to safely remove the pins and paper. I'll use bondaweb to actually assemble the whole thing. Once that's done, I'll machine-quilt it all to its background. Once the whole thing is lined, I'll hand-quilt around the dragon.

The backing of the quilt will be a light blue fleece blanket with a dark blue frame for stability. The frame I still need to construct. Lots of machine-sewing in my near future!


kimberlym said...

I cant wait to see him when he's done, he's going to be cute! I love the colors-

jennymartin said...

My son is a big big big fan of Dragons.. how much can I buy one of these from you for??? Please email me at jmartin8783@yahoo.com