2 August 2006

Oh, the hard graft!

For days now, I've been mentally going over the final layout of my Turning Twenty quilt. I'm just not happy with the dark red. But it's there and the idea of quilting is to use up old scraps of fabric, so it stays. But what to do with it?!?

On Friday, I hope to go and purchase the fabric needed for the edging and the backing of the quilt. Until then I need to have a viable layout. Recently, I've been toying with the idea of having Scottish-style checkered or pastel/cremy tartan fabrics for the backing and a leafy style fabric for the edge. But to counter the red, I might use red edging ... then, what to do with the backing.

It's endless ... oh well, I'll go and finish squaring them off so that I can tinker with the layout. And I'm thinking that on Friday, I need to swing by the DIY store to pick up some insulating board to make myself a design wall Jan-style.

(And Blogger is acting up, threatening to eat this post not once but twice ....!)

1 comment:

quiltpixie said...

good luck finding a layout you like.... I'm sure the red will "grow" on you :-)