20 April 2005

Sucked into the vortex ...

as I am awaiting delivery of fabric purchased through ebay. I'm already toying around with layer ideas based on the lay-out I found. Gerrie's Eighth Sin quilt was a great source of ideas. Her posts on how she actually created the quilt have been insightful and inspiring.

I now am thinking about where I source the rest of the materials and how/where I get photos transfered onto fabric. And I'm wondering whether or not I should toy around with design ideas on paper or not. I'm reluctant to at the moment because I think I'll hinder my creative "juices" by getting too definite. So I think I'll stay away from that. All I have at the moment is a b/w print-out of Lynne Heller's quilt.

All I need now is a studio ;-)

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